Department of Dynamics and Strength of Machines and Strength of Materials

provides training for applicants for higher education in the field of knowledge 13 Mechanical Engineering in the specialty 131 Applied Mechanics in the educational program "Dynamics and Strength of Machines".

Head of Department Dr.Sci., Prof. Sergii O. Pyskunov

Scientific advisor of Department - Correspondent member of NAS of Ukraine, Dr.Sci., Prof. Mykola I. Bobyr

Науковий керівник кафедри – член-кореспондент НАН України, д.т.н., професор Бобир Микола Іванович

Graduates of the department - specialists in the strength of structural materials and reliability of structures - are in demand in all fields of technology, where the development, design and construction of new machines, equipment, buildings, appliances and equipment and their operation are made.

The professional activity of the graduates of the department is connected, in particular, with calculation and experimental researches of structural durability, durability and reliability of aviation and rocket and space equipment, machines and equipment in various branches of equipment with application of modern information technologies.

Students who receive a master's degree have the opportunity to study:

- at the Joint Ukrainian-German Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Otto von Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany);

- double master's degree program of Poznan University of Technology (Poznan, Poland) and KPI. Igor Sikorsky;

- under the program of dual education in the joint training and research center "KPI - PROGRESTECH-Ukraine - Voeing-Ukraine" with further employment in the group of companies "PROGRESTECH"

Educational program "Dynamics and strength of machines" has passed the International accreditation and is recognized as corresponding to requirements of the European programs of engineering education