The mission of the Department is to train specialists of all levels of higher education in the field of "Mechanical Engineering" (specialty "Applied Mechanics"), which are demanded by the national, European and world markets of labor by forming graduates with the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills, abilities and competencies.


 be a leading and recognized at the national and international level department  in the field of training specialists in the dynamics and strength of machines and materials mechanics, which provides modern, high-quality knowledge and offers advanced research methodologies

Strategy of the Department:

In order to carry out its mission, the Department conducts educational, methodical and vocational activities in conjunction with scientific, scientific research and scientific and technical activities; applies a student-centered approach based on a competent model of a specialist, created with the participation of teachers, employers and graduates.

1) in educational activities:

- Improvement of educational programs and discipline programs, taking into account the requirements and needs of advanced and promising industries and foreign experience;
- raising the level of teaching disciplines by involving teachers with significant scientific achievements or experience in design and development work;
- modernization of the teaching of educational disciplines through the involvement of young people, graduates of the Department in particular, in teaching activities;
- participation of the staff of the Department in academic mobility programs and international educational projects;
- development and introduction of educational programs of double diploma;
- development of dual education programs and involvement of a wide range of enterprises and employers organizations.

2) in methodical activity

- the use of modern information technologies in the teaching of disciplines, multimedia and distance learning facilities in particular;
- introduction of forms of conducting of practical classes that provide independent mastery by students of knowledge and skills under the direct guidance of teachers;
- organizing and conducting of competition in specialized disciplines

3) in vocational activities

- popularization of engineering education among young people through holding of "Open Door Day", exhibitions, meetings with school children, presentations of the department in schools, excursions to the Department for schoolchildren of middle and upper grades;
- familiarizing students with the perspective employment through meetings and seminars with employers;
- involvement of students of all courses of study for scientific research conducted by the Department and for participation in scientific workshops of the Department

4) in the scientific sphere:

- participation of the staff of the Department in the implementation of fundamental and applied research projects that are relevant for leading industry institutions and branch;
- publication of scientific achievements of the staff of the Department in international scientific periodicals, which are indexed in the science databases;
- integration of scientific achievements into the educational process in order to improve the quality of education;
- cooperation with international scientific institutions and universities in the implementation of scientific projects, participation in competitions for international grants for scientific research;
- comprehensive support for the preparation of Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations at the department through providing the opportunity for applicants to use the laboratory, methodological base of the department and the computer class with modern engineering packages of programs.

5) in the research field:

- creation of a modern laboratory base, which allows to conduct of high level experimental research;
- conducting research works based on the production needs of the relevant domestic enterprises and institutions, as well as works on international cooperation;
- involving students in research work