Material and technical equipment of the Department

The Department teaches a wide range of disciplines, including normative educational components of the general training cycle ("Theoretical Mechanics", "Informatics"), normative educational components of the professional training cycle ("Mechanics of materials and structures", "Applied Mechanics", "Technical Mechanics", " Theory of Mechanisms and Machines "," Details of Machines and Fundamentals of Design "- for students of educational programs of specialty 131"Applied Mechanics ") and a number of compulsory and elective disciplines of the training cycle for students of the educational program" Dynamics and Strength of Machines ") - about 30 disciplines as all.

The Department’s classrooms and laboratories are located in the Main building of Igor Sikorsky KPI.

The material and technical equipment of the Department is represented by computer classes and classrooms, training and research laboratories.

Laboratories of the Department are equipped with installations and stands for laboratory work and mechanical testing of materials and structural elements.

Computer classes of the "Training center Boeing-Progresstech Ukraine"

Training and research laboratories

Experimental equipment and testing machine for experimental studies of materials and structural elements


List of computer classes, training laboratories and classroom audience