Admission to the master's degree


The Department of Dynamics and Strength of Machines and Strength of Materials trains specialists of the second educational level - Master's degree in specialty 131 "Applied Mechanics", educational program "Dynamics and Strength of Machines"


Studies for Master's degree lasts for :

   1 year 4 months for an educational-professional training program (OPP) focused on further professional work

   1 year 9 months for the educational-scientific program of preparation (ONP), focused on further research work of the graduate of a magistracy.


Admission to the 5th year (master's degree) 2020


Program of additional entrance test, educational program "Dynamics and Strength of machines"


The program of professional entrance test, the educational program "Dynamics and Strength of of machines "


Regulations on admission to study for a Master's degree


Entrance examinations for admission to study for a master's degree on the basis of a bachelor's degree in higher education are conducted:


for admission to the specialty 131 Applied Mechanics - in the form of a single entrance exam in a foreign language and professional entrance examinations (subject to successful completion of an additional entrance exam for persons who have obtained a bachelor's degree (educational qualification level) of higher education in another specialty (field of study) ), compiled in the year of entry;


Acceptance of applications and documents, entrance examinations, competitive selection and enrollment is carried out in the following terms:


Registration for compilation of EMI / EPI              May 12 - June 5

Conducting EMI / EPI                                                 July 1 - 3

Registration of electronic cabinets                          August 1

Applications will be accepted                                    from August 5 to 22

Recommendations for enrollment in the budget                              on September 1

Submission of documents for enrollment in the budget                                on September 6

Enrollment in the budget                                                            on September 11

Transfer to vacant budget places and places at the expense of targeted preferential state loans of entrants, which are included in the contract                               until September 15 *

 * in case of availability of vacancies, by the decision of the Admissions Committee, the terms may be extended.


Competitive score (hereinafter KB) for admission to obtain a master's degree is calculated by the formula:


  KB = P1 + P2 + RA,




  P1 - assessment of the single entrance exam in a foreign language,

  P2 - assessment of the professional entrance test (on a scale from 100 to 200 points),

  RA - the numerical equivalent of the assessment of the academic rating of the entrant.


The academic rating of the entrant's RA is calculated by the attestation commission on the basis of the appendix to the relevant document on the obtained educational (educational-qualification) level and the submitted documents on the entrant's creative achievements according to the formula:


  RA = 2RA + 2RT,


 where: RA is an academic component, RT is a component of creative achievements.


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