Admission to the 1st year for bacalor degree (according to EIT certificates) 2020

Specialty: 131 Applied Mechanics

Educational program: Dynamics and strength of machines




Main dates of the Admission campaign for the 1st yearL Due to quarantine the dates can be changed)


 August 1 - the beginning of registration of electronic offices of entrants, download of necessary documents;

 August 13 - start of acceptance of applications and documents;

 August 16 (18.00) - end of acceptance of applications and documents for entrants who take the entrance exams / creative competitions / interviews;

 August 22 (18.00) - end of applications and documents;

 August 27 (no later than 12.00) - the deadline for publishing the ranking lists of entrants based on the results of the external evaluation and recommendations for enrollment in the state order;

 August 31 (18.00) - end of acceptance of originals on the budget;

 September 5 - order to enroll entrants from the state or local budget;

 September 29 (17.00) - end of acceptance of originals at places financed by individuals and / or legal entities;

 September 30 - an order to transfer funds arriving by individuals and / or entities.


Applicants on the basis of complete general secondary education submit applications only in electronic form, except for the cases specified in the Rules of Admission;


Required documents


In 2020, certificates of external independent evaluation will be adopted

Ukrainian language and literature,


physics 2017 - 2020,

foreign language - 2018 - 2020 years.

External Evaluation Certificates and Coefficients:


(P1) Ukrainian language and literature (K1 = 0.2),

(P2) mathematics (K2 = 0.5),

(P3) physics or foreign language (K3 = 0.25)

Weighting factor of the average score (A) of the document on complete general secondary education: (К4 = 0)

Competition score:


     (KB) = K1 * P1 + K2 * P2 + K3 * P3 + K4 * A + K5 * OU


Here (OU) - a score for the successful completion of the system of pre-university training KPI. Igor Sikorsky on a scale from 100 to 200 points (K5 = 0.05)


Additional points are provided:


Winners (persons awarded diplomas of I-III degrees) of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian student Olympiads in the year of admission in basic subjects,

Winners of the III stage of the All-Ukrainian competition-defense of research works of students - members of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 2020, the last term is set equal to 10, and if (KB) entrant exceeds 200, it is set equal to 200. Information about them The Admissions Committee receives from EDEBO.

Participants of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad KPI. Igor Sikorsky for professional orientation of entrants on the basis of full general secondary education (in case of its carrying out), additional points to accrual of the certificate of external independent estimation on one corresponding subject during calculation of competitive point in KPI of them can be added. Igor Sikorsky in the amount of 1 to 20 points, but not more than 200 points per subject

Finally, the competitive score is multiplied by the sectoral (GK) and rural (SK) coefficients by multiplying it by their product, and:


(CC) is equal to 1.02 for submitted applications with priority 1 and 2, (1.00 in other cases);

(SC) is equal to 1.05 for persons registered in villages and who have completed general secondary education in educational institutions located in rural areas in the year of entry;

1.0     - in other cases.

Igor Sikorsky KPI Center for International Education