Sydorenko Yuriy Mykhaylovych

Sydorenko Yuriy Mykhaylovych

Associate professor

Cabinet teacher


1997: graduated from Special Machine-building Faculty of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia) with qualification "mechanical-engineer".

2001: protected the scientific dissertation of degree of engineering sciences (PhD) "Numerical simulation of explosion process of fragment projectiles and estimation of their efficiency".

2012: got the award of President of Ukraine in area of science for young scientists.

Areas of science researches:

Strengths Calculation of special designs witch are working under shock, impact and explosive loading.

Realization of technic-explosive examination of home-made designs by the help of computer modeling of explosive process.

Design and improvement of military shells construction.

Training courses that teaches:

  • Applied mechanics
  • Strengths of materials
  • Mechanics of materials and designs
  • Theory of machines and mechanism
  • Computer modeling of parts of machines and mechanism
  • Strengths of failures of construction elements.